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Do we need an exclusive dimmer switch for LED light bulbs?

  • source:tcl-lighting
  • Time:12/13/2018

While most LED bulbs are now dimmable, now not all of them are and no longer all of them dim in the identical manner Since LEDs consume such a low wattage, many types of dimmers do no longer function with LED in the equal way that they do with high wattage load incandescent. When dimming an LED you may also observe the following:


Smaller quantity of dimming rage (Typically 70-90% range vs. a hundred percent with incandescent)

TCL LED Bulbs can also no longer shut off at lowest dim setting: this is precipitated by means of the dimmer wondering the bulb is definitely off due to the low amount of wattage an LED consumes.

On dimming structures based totally on X10 or Power Line Carrier (PLC) manipulate technology, LEDs can also flicker when modules are speaking due to the small fluctuations in energy on the line.

It is advised that you take a look at your current dimmers to see if they work with the LED bulbs you have purchased, chances are they will in all likelihood work fine. However, if you experience any of the above troubles with your current dimming control, we advise the TCL LED lighting series of dimmers. These dimmers were the first to be designed with LED mild bulbs in mind and provide a trim adjustment change that will permit for full and correct manipulate of dimming range.

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